Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Airing out the Sickness!

Caleb and Emma have been passing about a bit of stomach virus last week and now this week.  Everyone was feeling better today...and since it was a balmy 60 degrees outside...I turned off the heat and opened up the house for a bit.  Airing out the Sickness!!
The kids then asked if they could eat outside...on the screen porch!
We had a marvelous time...airing out our sickness!
Emma's first day of school this week...and it was silly sock day.  I think Emma won!  HAHA!
This is our resident shark...otherwise known as a mooching dog named Scruffy!
Hope ya'll enjoyed a nice sunny day too!  If you have sickness...air it out! 
If you are Grandma and Grandpa Wells...we sure hope we didn't share our virus with ya'll this last weekend.  Oops...we had no idea we were contagious!

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Anonymous said...

No virus for Grandma and Grandpa yet. Glad they are doing better.