Friday, February 10, 2012

A fun day, even with a germ-o-phobic MomE!

My friend Maria talked me into a fun afternoon yesterday.  We went to Monkey Joes (how do they name these things?)...a bouncer place that had newly opened in our area.  Yes, I did say she talked me into it...cuz I have a germ-a-phobic fear of such places....Generally, they smell like a mixture of feet and pizza...filled with screaming kids!  All I can think is fungus and sweat...ew!
But, childhood is filled with such dangers, right?  This place was it smelled like vinyl/plastic.  The bathrooms were super clean.  I was really impressed with their security too...they did the wristband thing...where they check to make sure you're leaving with only your children.  (You wouldn't want to take home extras...har har!!)  Seriously, I've always thought it'd be easy for predators to walk into these places of screaming bedlam and leave with a little kid.  Much less likely to happen here.  They also have "referees" that remind people to walk...and keep the chaos controlled. 
The kids had a GREAT time...and slept really well last night!!


Jess said...

looks like a blast! I loved places like that when I was their ages. It is a good place to practice balence,climbing, and walking on uneven things without risks of bumps and bruses. We went to a place call Discovery Zone or DZ as kids. I still remember the soft "rock climbing wall".

Pastor D said...

Looks like fun.

Have they tried to recreate the bouncing by jumping on the bed? That can be fun too! (Not that I do that anymore myself. I stopped when I reached 50 or so.)