Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

We got many wonderful LOVING Valentine's from Grandparents and GREAT Grandparents...
...the stickers were put to immediate use...except for some that MomE set aside for a rainy day! 
The little artist has a stack of "projects"...It ought to keep her busy for...oh, a day or so!
I got a Valentine with a PRINCESS on it...from a little boy who only draws Star Wars Robots most of the time!  I feel special!!
My sweetheart Emma drew a bird and butterfly....and a heart with an arrow...and some words that she can spell!! 
But, my favorite comes from my GEEKy husband...who proved, in a differential equation, that I take womanhood to the positive limit!  Hehehe...gotta love how he puts his Master's classes to good use!
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Gotta love that geek! He's definitely a keeper! Love, Mom D