Sunday, August 5, 2012

Home again...

We are slowly un-kinking our bodies after our loooonnnnngggg drive...and I'm downloading pictures and preparing a visual recap of our fun times in Upstate NY.  They think they are experiencing a drought too...but upon returning home to the brown, crunchy lawns of Indy...I say's lush and beautifully green there to me!

So, to begin my recap...On our way, we stopped a little over half way at one of our favorite rest overlook of Lake Chautauqua!
It was raining over the lake but not quite where we were...yet!  The Sweet Boobahs enjoyed running about and stretching their legs.  I was enjoying the view...and smell of rain!
My Calubby brought me flowers...
...note the focus...SEE green...and flowers...What are those??
Here's Sweet Loverbrains in one of his new favorite.  In case you can't see it...Come to the nerd side.  We have Pi!  Doesn't he look so computer!
I even got in a picture...woot woot...I almost always forget!
The bummer is that this gorgeous view is only available heading East...not West.  I suppose you could figure out how to get on and off and turned around...but not without losing lots of time.  If you're headed East on I-86 it's worth the stop!   The view is gorgeous and the bathrooms are pristine...and the welcome center is beautiful...oooo...and they had pink roses all over the place too!  HAHA!  Little things make me so happy when I'm traveling...and I realize I'm babbling...which probably means that getting up at 2:30 AM is catching up with me.  So....more pictures tomorrow. 

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