Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lasting Friendship!

On our third day of vacation we took a lovely scenic trip (ie. many back roads..some of them dirt and straight uphill, phew!) to visit my childhood friend Sarah and her husband Nick.
We have attempted to keep in touch, even amid life's many changes.  In truth, she's a bit younger than me but we were fellow PKs (Pastor's Kids) in the same fellowship most of our lives.  Around college we started writing...and even with the hiccups of marriage and family we've kept at it. 
I've had other friends that I've tried to keep in touch with...and it's hard work.  Our common faith is a great blessing to our friendship...and it was so encouraging to hear what God is doing in their lives as they strive to trust and serve Him more.

The kids found a katydid and played with it all day...we learned it had a broken leg...maybe it was in  pain and couldn't escape...hahaha!

Later, Mr. Nick took Emma on a four-wheeler ride...Caleb wouldn't go but he did sit on it for a minute!

It was a great visit...well worth the extra miles on wacky roads!

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