Friday, August 24, 2012

Renamed and Routine!

I'm discovering the sometimes quilt patterns have very odd names!  For example, this one is called "You Want Me To Piece A What?"  I think it's one of those you had to be there sort of names.  Probably hilarious to it's creator...but sort of odd to everyone else.  
Because you cut 1.5" of all four sides of the 9-patch and swap the centers...I think it should be called "Switcheroo"...which I'm planning to call it.  By the way...SHHH...this is my brown bag project for this year.  I'm trying to get on it EARLY.  I feel it's safe to post it here...but last year I had my Aunt wouldn't work well.  But...I'm trusting ya'll to keep the secret!
They need to go on point...this icky looks like baby poo blender was included with the bb fabric.  I sort of really hate it...but it does work....Hmmm?  What to do...what to do....?
Caleb has been so cute...and so lonely...these last few days. With his sister in school he is rather discontent with life. SO...he plays for a bit...and then I give him fabric to sort or we go for a walk or something...or he sits on the chair in my sewing room and tells me what's happening outside.
Even though he's bored...I'm sure enjoying some special time with my little man.  He'll be happier once Bible Study and library storytime start up in a few weeks.  My kids are a mess without routine.

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