Monday, November 10, 2008

Forts and Weaponry...with a little dancin'

After a morning of grocery shopping in the cold November air...we decided to build a snuggle fort. MomE couldn't get the walls to stay up so she propped them with some sterilites...yeah!

Emma read her slider books to her brudder. She enjoyed reading to long as he didn't touch her books! HA! I got into the fort and read with them...sorry, DadE wasn't home to take pictures of all of us snuggled in there!
Later, they danced with Elmo. Emma has a real grip on Caleb's he's dancin' with her weather he wants to or not! Poor kid...thankfully, he's pretty obliging!
Weaponry...yeah...well....Emma found her plastic fisher price knives...they were under the couch cushions we took off to make the fort. It just goes to show that kids will make weapons...even if you don't buy them toy guns, etc. Ha ha ha. She was happy that her pants have pockets today...cuz she kept them in there safely away from Kay-wub!
Notice the poor guy's nose...he smacked his head into the floor last night...playing chase with sister...and split his lip, bruised his nose black on one side, and re bonked his head in the center where he's hit it a cagillion times before. How, how, how do they hit on the very same spot repeatedly??


Carmel said...

I am so glad that God made kids durable. Mine have each had a kajillion head bonks and thankfully they're alright! : )

e-Mom said...

Too much fun. Kids really love forts made out of blankets and furniture! :~D

techcat said...

your kids get cuter with every picture.

When I was picking out the new couch the deciding factor between the last two choices was that the cushions came off one so this way the kids could make a fort with them.