Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday Sweetness...

We've been having a rough go of it around here. Daddy's been sick, Mommy's been sick, Caleb fell and broke his nose, split his lip and bumped his head. He also has bronchitis and a double ear infection. Emma has been whiny...but herself...PTL! Anyhew, we've been missing our regular commitments due to these unforeseen issues. We deliberately planned nothing so we could do DIY projects this weekend. I am stubborn...and I did get the bathroom project done! It is just interesting how we've been blessed through this time of illness.

Emma and Daddy made block towers and Caleb knocked them down. Sweet squealing goodness!

Emma and Mommy played dollies. Her baby "Amy-Emma" (named for our babysitter and herself) was fed and burped. Such sweetness!

We listened to the easy listening station and I sang all the words to Anne Murray's "Love Song" cuz I'm a dork like that! Such sweet memories!

Hope ya'll are experiencing some good Saturday Sweetness!

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