Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday MomE Moment...

I'm over and over amazed at what my children pick up on. Generally, I'm more concerned with thoughts of the bad things they pick up. However, I have a good story today.

It has gotten VERY cold here this past week. We are all about hats and coats...bundle, bundle...waddle waddle around here! This, of course, makes buckling car seats about ten times harder than usual. A lot more bulk to stuff in there!!

After our Monday grocery trip this morning...I was feeling tired, and knew I still needed to unpack the entire van into the house...along with both boobahs.

So, my Monday Memory came to me...God's so neat that way...and I thought about making my love sincere. So, I paused... and nuzzled my Emmy as I took her from her car seat. She grinned. I said, "This is an Eskimo kiss. (rub rub) I love you, Emmyboo." She smiled.

And then...We were on our way.

Huff puff...about 40 minutes later....we were snuggling in the living room while our nuggets baked for lunch. Cawubby, toddled over to me, grabbed my cheeks in his hands, and very deliberately rubbed his broken nose gently against mine. Awww, he grinned and I squeezed him. I hadn't even thought he saw me do that with her. She, of course, saw what we were doing and came screeching across the room, "Me too, me too...kisses!"

Just a moment taken to make my love sincere. What a good MomE moment!


Pastor D said...

What sweet little people - so tender and nice!

Anonymous said...

...what a precious moment.

Grandma W