Monday, December 8, 2008

Advent Alterations

We are having a good time celebrating advent with the kids this year. We may need to make some advent alterations. The ornament tree is working okay...other than Caleb trying to take the bulb we just put on for the day and running around the house with it. He is really confused by the concept of just saying "pretty" and not touching the pretties!

The kids like the candle lighting on Sunday nights. We lit two candles last night. In an effort to make it "do-able" for the kids, we made the reading short. I think it is too short. The candles are barely lit before we blow them out again. Emma loves the blowing out part. We say what all the candles stand for before we blow them out....HOPE, PEACE, JOY, LOVE, JESUS!

I'm thinking of adding a Christmas carol. Emma likes to sing in the we could add it to this tradition. Even Caleb sings..."Jesus, Jesus, Jesus..." and I finish, "there's just something about that name." It's like an echo song!

Hope you are all enjoying this time too!

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Kevin Moser said...

Hi, Darren and Bobbi. I got your Christmas card and the family photo is sitting on top of my refrigerator with last year's photo... can't believe how the kids are growing! The advent tradition is a great one. Glad to see you are starting your own.