Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday They Speak...

I just can't leave Wordless Wednesday totally wordless. You have to know...

Caleb has turned rotten. Yes, my children don't wait until two to become terribly rotten...they hit right around 15-16 months. He's into everything...and repeats many of the words from his sister! He's also ADORABLE...and he knows that his MomE thinks so and that she struggles to keep a straight face to his rottenness!

Emma got some new play dresses from friends of ours...and Caleb was not going to be left out. He insisted on the red one...and he looked ridiculous! He could never pass for a girl...ever! He was quite pleased with himself as I'm sure you can tell from the first pic. Emma got all excited and exclaimed, while hugging him, "Cawub, you're a sistah!"

Gotta love it!

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