Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Vroom, vroom!!

It tickles me that Caleb knows how to make car noises without ever being taught. We are slowly accumulating "boy" toys in our house. Today, we went over to play at a friend's house...where there are lots of cars and trucks. Caleb (and Emma) loved it!! Caleb was making car noises. So cute....it sounded like, "oooottt, ooooottt, mmmmmmm!"

It is funny how you never intend to make gender differences with kids but you do anyway. We never thought to get Emma cars and trucks...yet she likes them so much we are thinking of getting her a truck for Christmas instead of a dolly cradle. Caleb likes dressing up in tutus just as much as Emma! It is nice to have this time where they haven't noticed the differences themselves and enjoy playing anything and everything. I will savor the moments!!

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