Monday, March 16, 2009

Musical Good Morning...

I had a fabulous time at the ladies retreat this weekend. The first time I left DadE alone overnight with the kiddos...and he did great!!! The house was even picked up when I got home! He rocks...I may do that to him again!! He he he!
One of the greatest things for me this weekend was the music. I'm very moved by music..and always looking for something new to love. I'm not crazy about most of the "contemporary christian" stuff out there right now...gotta be honest. I find that it lacks depth, has fishy theology and doctrine, and is a little too fast and excited for my average day!
The Galkin Evangelistic Ministries were the musically blessed ladies singing/playing to our hearts at the retreat...and it was goosebumps gorgeous! Here are a few links to preview 99 cent songs...

and links to the Steve Pettin group they were in before establishing their own ministry...and if you are really interested we sang some original music by a man named Greg Habegger...that if you are super interested I will send to you. I may type out the words for ya'll one of these days...or see if blogger will take a scan...hmmm...never tried that! Anyway, it was a blessing and I hope you're blessed by this great music too!

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