Monday, March 2, 2009

Train up a child...

As many of you know I'm a rather driven person...
so it stands to reason I'd attempt to be a very purposeful parent...

I've been thinking I'd like to do several crafty educational things I've been seeing on blogs, in magazines, etc. So, I created a mini schedule to make sure I start doing some of these things with my kiddos. I thought maybe there are others of you out there who would enjoy them as I'll share!

Week 1- Tissue Week 1-7
M-Puppet Show (elastic hair holder, pencil and tissues)
T- Marker Patterns (fold in half and bleed marker through, open to see pattern)
W- Box Decor (cover box with paint and stickers)
R-Tumble Bugs (family fun may 07)
F- Tissue Flowers (lots of patterns out it)
Snack- cheese crackers (on a tissue napkin?)

Week 2- Pi Week 8-14
M-Value of Pi activity
T- Pi-ku poems
W- Pecan Pi
R- Pumpkin Pi
F- Pizza Pi (a lot of cooking instruction this week)
Snack- Pi-neapple

Week 3- St. Patrick's Week 15-21
M-Bottle Music (empty water bottles, rice, coins, etc.)
T- Green gathering (cut out cardboard shamrock and collect all the green things in the house to tack on.)
R-Lava Hop (Parenting, March 07)
F-Pencil Pets (I'll put a pic on...from my book)
Snack-green pepper shamrocks with green dip

Week 4-God's Eye Week 22-28
M-God's Eyes (also known as dream catchers) (family fun, june 07 inspiration)
T-Pictures to include
W-Objects to include (feathers, leaves, etc.)
R-Egg carton eyes
F- Letter to God
Snack Cinnamon apples (Dt. 32:10, "Keep me as the apple of your eye...")

Week 5-Lion/Lamb Week 29-4
M-Lion Lamb holders ( recipes and crafts)
T-Lion paper plate
W-Lamb paper plate
R-Egg carton flowers
F-Get Wells (from my book will try to post pictures)
Snack-Decor cupcakes

Ideas from Parenting may 2007, march 2007, april 2007 Family Fun May 2007, june 2007, recipes, Highlights Creative Craft Series book. Ask me if you need something specific...I'll try to take pictures of the cute stuff along the way!

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bethl said...

These look like awesome ideas. I can't wait to try some with my Emma.