Monday, March 22, 2010

Letters R and S AND St. Patrick's food pics!

Little Robin Redbreast

by Anonymous

Little Robin Redbreast
Sat upon a tree;
Up went Pussy-cat,
Down went he.

Down came Pussy-cat,
And away Robin ran;
Says little Robin Redbreast
“Catch me if you can.”

Little Robin Redbreast
Hopped upon a wall;
Pussy-cat jumped after him,
And almost got a fall.

Little Robin chirped and sang,
And what did Pussy say?
Pussy-cat said “Mew,”
and Robin flew away.

Okay, so it doesn't look that appetizing...but it tasted good. The kids thought it was all hilarious! Emma is insisting that we could surely come up with a reason to have an all pink night!
Align CenterGrasshopper pie .... so ridiculously easy...
One graham cracker crust. Half a half gallon of mint ice cream softened blended with half a cool whip. Spread into crust...Top with extra cool whip and chopped up peppermint patties. Freeze hard. Take out of freezer 15 minutes before serving. Yummolicious!!

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