Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Times...

We have jumped into the wonderful world of Potsickles, Pools, and lots and lots of outdoor Playtime. Sorry, I can't help the just happens to me. *smile*
Emmer-bean is growing her bangs out. Our hair stylist suggested it, due to her front cowlick...I was complaining about her having "two spins" to her head...and then our hair doin' friend pointed out that my hair does the exact same thing. *sigh* Poor kid.
Lubber man is so cracks me up. He spends a good hour just putting one foot into the pool and walking around it this way. It's can't get in too quickly, ya know!
Nothing thrills their little hearts more than a good vitamin delivery from Puritan's Pride...hahaha! I usually sort bottles, etc. They get the empties.
They are convinced that they are color mixing...because the water in those bottles is red, green, yellow and orange. HA! I tried explaining it was the color of the bottle, not the water but no one wanted to listen to me. So, I won't spoil the fun!

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