Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fun with Friends...

We got together with some friends yesterday...Emma-bean loved their bigger pool! Floaties, a noodle and a confident friend really helped.
Lubby did get in...but it was up to his shoulders...and a chilly day...and he didn't stay in long enough for me to get a picture for proof. He's all wet though!!
Did you know you could ride a noodle like a horse!?
We jotted over to an orchard/petting zoo...and this Tom turkey was sure struttin' his stuff!
He was big, and ugly/beautiful...and slightly scary!
There were also goats and kids! The goat kind of KID!
This Peacock was sure fancy...with his demure lady behind him!
Lubby enjoyed the play tractor. It had a real steering wheel, two gear shifts, moving peddles and old dashboard movable pieces. Fun stuff!
You can crank the front to get it "started"...the down side were the wasps...and after a mean stinging raid we decided to head home for lunch. Don't worry...everyone's okay now! Phew!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bobbi, the kids sure are getting big. Next time you are in the Dayton area, let us know ahead of time and we can get together. Miss hearing about your family, glad I remembered that you blog. Hope all is well. G Nance