Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Playing School...

 Emmer-bean and Lubby LOVE to play school.  It will be a full year before she goes to Kindergarten, and a good two before he goes!  We've started saying, "You go to school when you are 6!"  In the meantime, we play...and play is sooo good for you! 
 We took our little backpacks and marched around the block.  Lubby packed tools...and Emmer-bean packed papers, pencils and crayons.  MomE noticed that they are still barely as big as fire hydrants.  *sigh*
 We petted the neighbor's stone lion...Lubby picked his nose...Emmer-bean went for a ride...
 Lubby cheesed for MomE's camera!
It was one of those slow down kind of moments!  They're wishing to be bigger...and I want to put bricks on their heads to keep them from growing!

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Cheryl said...

My very best memories with Amy are just such times: walks, playing in the sandbox, collecting leaves, sticks, rocks, critters . . . Play is so good for them. Reverie time - and those little brains just soak it all up. What a blessing!!!