Friday, September 24, 2010

Hair Cuts and Hot Fall Days...

It has been WARM that it is officially FALL...I would like everyone to pray for crisp, sunny days!  Hehehehe!  Also, the barometric changes tend to trigger migraines for one big change and no more...ok?
 Sorry for the recent lack of pictures...I was reminded that Grandma's and Grandpa's need pictures of their Sweet Boobahs!  I've been crazy busy...but all in a good way.
 Today, my good friend Hannah came and cut Lubby's hair...cuz it was LONG...and the last time I cut it he was balded...and we haven't seen Grandpa D. recently (he usually cuts it)...AND it's the first she's felt good enough for a while.  See her cute baby bump??
 Poor Miss Rana was grumpidy...she's getting her teeth AND had shots this week.  Man, all the rough things happen to ya at once!  Bummer!
Lubby looks cute with his hair cut...less like one of the Beatles...NO rat-tail...AND you can see his cute little face again!  Yeah!!

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