Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Collage...

We played lots of games...this one we're renaming "fling the fish" cuz Emma seems to throw them when she catches them!  It's one of those times you'd like to laugh but can't let them continue to get away with it.  They also got Ker-plunk and Don't Break the Ice...all of which I highly recommend for this age group!!
Here they are singing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus...He got a cherry poke cake...I jokingly said it was a "holy" cake!  Harharhar...I crack myself up!
Merry Christmas (and Happy New Year) from our family to yours!!
Emma and Grandma W. put together her build-a-bear kit from Grams.  She named her Sabrina!
Caleb, our resident truck lover, got a garbage truck from Nana and Papa and a dump truck loader from Grandma and Grandpa W.  Oooo...ahhhh!
There was some sort of migration grounded due to snow...thousands of birds everywhere.  Being the bird lover I am I tried and tried to get some good pictures so I could identify them...but they flew every time we moved the curtains.  I think they were either a part of the woodcock or sandpiper family. 
We put together a new puzzle...Well, DadE did anyway!
Aren't they cute?
We lit our Advent candles when we got home.  We sang Away in the Manger....God is good!  Thank Him for His WONDERFUL gift!!

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