Friday, December 17, 2010

Cooking Ala Emma! MomE's little helpers...

 We found this really neat book at the library...Pretend Mollie Katzen and Ann Henderson.
 Emma wanted to make pancakes for dinner.  The recipe called for blueberries but ours were frozen we shredded up some apples and sprinkled some cinnamon and taught Emma about substitutions.
 She did pretty much everything...measuring, cracking, stirring...DadE gave it one final stirring!
 She gave them a thumbs up!!
Yummo...don't you wish there was smello-blogging?

She has been very excited about cooking lately...learning about measuring and being a big helper.  She sets the table every night (her brother does the napkins).  Yes, it would be faster to do it myself and I fight that urge for perfection and speed...but it is wonderful to teach independence and responsibility too!  They are both so proud of themselves...and can't wait to show DadE!

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