Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mama's Heart: Early Valentine Thoughts...

My children LOVE their DadE...and I teasingly complain, "Hey, who takes care of you all day?  Who feeds you?  Who carried your little cutenesses in her belly for 9.LONG.MONTHS? "  But it's all with a big smile on my face...
because....nothing thrills my heart more at the end of the day than hearing "DadE's home!"  And the merry little feet tromping off to greet him.  I remember...(below)...Emma adjusting to sharing DadE after work each day!
It is good for me, even when I may not personally have warm and fuzzy feelings towards him, to promote my Loverbrains in the eyes of my children.  Don't laugh, but it's sort of like a spin on praying for your enemies.  My heart changes when I pray for someone.  Before I know it, any grouchiness is vanishing and I'm just as delighted to see him as they are!
We made DadE valentines today....and I thought of the many reasons that I love him.  He IS a great DadE...notice (below) he teaches them about inclined planes (recently he showed them how cars could be launched upward...yeah!)...He teaches them to say cute "Heat transfer co-efficient" and "deoxyribonucleic acid"...He always eats his vegetables in front of them (even peas and cooked carrots)!  He always greets me with a kiss FIRST...before he settles down to listen to their chatter!  MomE is first with DadE! 
So, how are you doing....making DadE your kid's favorite Valentine?  This Mama's heart was warmed to remember how much she loves her Forever Valentine!  I hope you are too!!
It's Grace

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Abby said...

this is adorable Bobbi:) my husband, my kids' DadE doesn't teach them big, long words, but they are so happy to see him when he comes home and he's so wonderful with them, it does warm my heart:-)