Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tube Tuesday & Blurry Food

 This is what DadE does with the kids when I go to the grocery store...He makes robots...and then he fills up our goblets and nice glasses and lets the kids hit them with mini hammers.  Good grief!  No wonder my three year old frowns at me during the day and says, "I love DadE!"  Well, he IS a lot of fun...I have to admit!

I made these Pretty in Pink cookies from one of my favorite blogs...Chickens in the Road.  Then "invented" a butterscotch version...replacing the maraschino cherries with 1 c. butterscotch chips and 1 t. rum flavoring.  I dipped those in dark chocolate.
Scruffy went to the groomers the other day...and came back all pretty in pink...with a bandanna and two pink hair bows.  She looked hilariously cute...but we didn't make her suffer for long...we took them off!  DadE doesn't think dogs should look so doofy!  Emma kept the hair bows and wore them herself on Sunday!  HeHE! 
I'd heard of, but not really followed The Pioneer Woman...but recently I made her Coffee Cake (Literally!) recipe...and WOW...it was amazing.  It was intense...you cannot eat more than a sliver...but it was moist and wonderfully coffee!  A definite "keeper" recipe!


Anonymous said...

Two cute budding scientists

Grandpa W.

e-Mom said...

Pioneer Woman is amazing... love her blog. Did you see the floral print KitchenAid stand mixers she was giving away? So beautiful.

I haven't tried any of her recipes yet... I shall. Thanks for the heads up on her coffee cake.

(Love DadE's project. Dads are SO great!)