Friday, March 4, 2011

Birdie in the Basket...

I read the other day about someone "basting" eggs.  SO, being the ever strangely eager mind that I am....I got several books from the library on making eggs in fun ways.  Never did find anything on basting....but...
It was then that I came across instructions for making Birdie in a Basket...You cut a hole in the buttered bread and then fry an egg in the hole.  My bread was too I used two slices.  It worked perfectly!
Lubby had fried ham...since he's allergic to eggs.  Poor thing...he doesn't seem to mind...he's too busy being obstinate to care about much of anything else these days.  Example: I asked if he wanted sausage or ham...he said ham...I made ham...he flipped out cuz the ham was warm...and refused to eat it...he was spoken to by hand...he ate the ham...funtimes.
This is also called Toad in the Hole...which I think is gross and hilarious in a quirky British kind of way.  The kids talk about it in Bedknobs and Broomsticks...If you've never watched that Angela Lansbury classic you really need!
He told me he was only going to eat three pieces....I told him that was fine...and then cut up the rest and said and six more pieces after that...humph!  I'm glad God makes them cute...and makes them look like their Father...sigh!
An egg-y success!  A fun and healthy way to eat your eggs. 

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I'm Erin. said...

My 3-year-old is equally obstinate, about the silliest things!

Oh, and he's allergic to eggs too.

And milk.

And peanuts.

And napping.