Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dr. Suess!

We woke bright and early
my Sweet Boobahs and I
To wish a favorite author
Happy Birthday, "Say Hi..."
Dr. we love him
we sigh and we giggle
To read Cat in the Hat
Why, we don't even wiggle.
We made lots of fun stuff...
striped hats...counted legs
Why we even ate green ham and eggs!!
We made some oobleck and 
scrambled eggs super
rhymed yertle with turtle
(and girdle)--a blooper.
MomE's creative juices are flowing
ABC's, rhyming and knowing
Dr. Suess is fun, fantastic and good...
Have you read one today?  If you haven't.... should!


Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had a good time celebrating.

Love ya all.

Grandpa and Grandma W

Amy said...

I love Dr. Seuss. I am a music teacher and I have an entire warm up book based on his ABC's. LOVE IT. I was also the vocal music director for our production of Seussical, very good stuff. And I can't get through All the Places You'll Go without shedding a tear.

Sounds like a wonderful day!!

e-Mom said...

Awesome! A totally fun post. Your creativity is fabuloso!

Dr. Suess and I share the "ides of March" as our birthday month... and the dates are really close!

LOL, did you know there's actually a Dr. Suess Cookbook? If you're interested, I blogged about it here: