Saturday, December 3, 2011

What MomE CAN'T do! Won't do??

Our Sweet DadE returned...just in time for his birthday! I told him that Jesus died when he was 33...He didn't think that was funny! He said, "Not of natural causes!"  HAHAHA!  Well, do you want to be like Jesus or not??

Anyhew, he's back doing those important things that MomE doesn't like to do..or won't...or can't.  Video games with the little dude are one such thing.  So is garbage duty and bathtime!  Woohoo!
Thank God for his blessings.  Please don't stop praying for us now...There is still lots of adjusting when he comes home from a long trip.  In ways, it's harder.  It's so easy just to be selfish and not care about each other FIRST!

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