Monday, December 12, 2011

The BOX... that never dies!

One of the little known delights of ordering your Christmas presents online and avoiding the holiday mall crowds...are the boxes!  This particular box...never dies.  Well, okay...until late one night when MomE makes it disappear!

This is how they watched "The Grinch."  You have to have a candy cane, ya know.  It's better known as the "candy cane movie"...cuz the Grinch steals the candy canes from the sleeping kids.  
Then, the box became the post office.  DadE even created a door.  They used their 3D postcards from Japan (DadE's layover) for mail.  This just goes to show that your children are watching EVERYTHING you do!
At one point Emma made Caleb wait in line.  She told him that he needed to be patient...and kind..."because everyone is tired and we want them to remember Jesus and have a Merry Christmas!"
It always surprises me when he listens to her.  He pretended to whistle while he waited.  And then he said, "Please have a wonderful, MERRY CHRISTMAS, Mame!"

For all of you does matter how you act while running errands with your kids!  They are watching...wowsers!!

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nannykim said...

So sweet--they so remind me of my grandkids==always full of imagination and applying the word to their daily play!lol