Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Flurry Of Christmas!

Christmas wouldn't be complete without a silly picture from my Dad!  Doesn't he look all dignified and pastorly?

Now, that he's out of the way you can see the picture of my Mom's lovely hearth.
Oooo...very pretty.
Here are the kids...scoping out their presents.
Here are the lovebirds chatting, while Emma sits playing her game.  See that pretty clock to the far LEFT?  That's Lyric...she's my Christmas present!
Here are two very CUTE boys playing games on DadE's Kindle Fire.
My Mom's baby grand is SWEET!  We enjoyed singing...and we played a duet too!!
On Christmas Eve we lit our Advent candles...and were reminded of what we were remembering...CHRIST the perfect gift!

The Sweet Boobahs opened only their stockings on Christmas morning.  They are cute!!!
After the morning service we opened gifts together with everyone.
The next day we drove out to see Uncle Dave's truck.
Everyone sat in the driver's seat!  Here's Caleb the truck driver.
And Emma the truck driver.
And...with a very adjusted seat...Here am I!
Here's my Mom actually driving the truck around the lot. 

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Beverly said...

Loved this! I enjoyed seeing all of you and a bit of your family things in the new house. Wow, driving David's semi...way to go Lola!