Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Crazy Zoo Day!

Totally forgetting that today was Spring Break, I headed to the zoo today!  I know, how shocking is that...especially considering that one of my two children was with me because she is on spring break. *sigh* Anyhew...it was a madhouse.
But, there was a nice cool breeze...and we had a lovely time.  The walrus was up and doing his cute tricks...for lots of fish! Emma said that she thought that was GROSS!
The meerkats were cute...Emma said, "Hey, he's lookin' at me!!"
Caleb was loving the lizards...especially this big guy...cuz the glass in front of him was cracked.  I think someone kicked it...but Lubby was sure that it was cuz the "dragon" was so big and strong.
Then we watched the lemurs and the flamingos...one calm pink party next door to a wild ring-tailed party!
Phew...it started to get hot...so, we stopped for a drink and a snack.  We had slim jims...otherwise known as "oni sticks" (short for pepperONI).  Then MomE sort of forgot about her camera...cuz she was hot and hauling boobahs about.  We went out for lunch in the back of the van...and then tromped back in to see the rhinos, giraffes and elephants.
Now, we are back home...and I wish I could be this guy above...He's napping...so relaxed his limbs are swaying in the breeze!  Heehe!  Think I'm going to say hello to the hammock out back!

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