Monday, April 30, 2012

Feeding the Beasts...

Once upon a time, from a cave in the forest of Living Room there lived the two little bears.
They were fabulous chefs...and made special porridge each year for the forest animals to eat during their hibernation feast!
Chef Emma made strawberry souffle!  SoOOOOO, yummy.  The rabbit family just loved it!
Chef Lubby made chocolate donuts for the Great Pink Owl (MomE's name...I had a pink fleece on and my glasses!)  He is also "keeper of the pot," in case you're interested.
All the forest families were filled up...and sleepy because the bear chefs made them SO full!
Now, the two little bears will eat up the leftovers and go to sleep themselves!
"Feeding the Beasts" 
a story written by MomE as she overheard and observed it while the Sweet Boobah's played!

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heather said...

cute story :) I am sure the food was delicious