Saturday, April 28, 2012

Flat Tara Goes To The Museum

The kid's are loving their new subscription to Clubhouse Jr. Magazine.  A section we love is called Tara's Travel Journal.  She goes all over the world telling the good news of Jesus.  

We were given an opportunity to color and cut her a flat Tara accompany us on a recent trip to the Indianapolis Children's Museum.
Right away, she saw Transformer Bumblebee....and an old Aeroplane.
She was very brave.  She wasn't afraid of the polar bear!  He's stuffed.
She watched Caleb play with a fun game at the Mr. Potato Head exhibit.
Tara really enjoyed the LEGO exhibit...
She watched kids race cars...
...and even rode in a fast LEGO race car!!  VROOM, VROOM!!
She had her picture taken in front of the Fireworks of Glass which is the largest permanent sculpture by glass artist Dale Chihuly. The 43-foot-tall tower took more than 14 days to install. There are more than 3,200 pieces of glass in the sculpture and an additional 1,600 in the ceiling. So pretty!!
Then she went on a deep sea dive with her good buddy Emma!
They saw a man do a live action was a little scary...but we were okay.
Then we saw some dinosaurs...
...they were neat!
Tara was sure to ride the Carousel before she went home too!
We had a great visit with Flat Tara and friends!  Now Emma and Caleb and MomE need a nap!  Phew!  Flat Tara might take one too!

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