Saturday, March 22, 2008

Resurrection Eve...

The Roman soldiers beat Jesus. Emma wasn't sure she should hit the table quite this hard. Eventually, she did get into it!

Jesus was offered vinegar when he was thirsty. She insisted on tasting the vinegar. We shouldn't be surprised--she loves pickles after all. She agreed it wasn't something to drink. We quickly dumped the egg whites in so she wouldn't try to taste them.

Jesus tears were salty--and his suffering bitter! Emma tasted the salt and spit!

Sugar! The sweetness of our Salvation! She liked this one!

We mixed them up for a LOONNNGG time--in two year old time! It turned white as snow--just like us if our sins are washed away.

We folded in the nuts and made little tombs on the cookie sheet. Mommy put it in the oven. Emma helped seal the tomb just like the soldiers did with the big stone. They thought it would keep Jesus in the tomb!

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