Friday, September 5, 2008

Ouchie's & Garbage Man Love!?

Caleb is a climber. This issue has really taken off in the last two weeks. He climbs everything. I've caught him standing on my coffee table, the kitchen table and every couch and chair. He is most proud of the accomplishment of getting onto the couch. He likes to be big and sit next to us. This wouldn't be a problem if he SAT but he wants to walk and run the length of it! Ahhhh! I stir a pot in the kitchen and CRASH he's climbed something and fallen off! HELP!

Today, I took a picture of his proud little face after he'd climbed up on the couch for reading time before naps! He sat really well while I was reading (and holding him down)! Then, my daughter heard the garbage truck. I have to explain that she loves the garbage man, Jon. He waves to her and empties the big bucket up over the top of the truck. It's wonderful! So, when she hears the truck everyone makes a mad dash for the front door. Well, Caleb launched himself headfirst off the couch, in an effort to keep up. Poor baby! He has quite the little lump on his head. I gave him some pain reliever before nap time! I tried to put ice on it but that's sort of like wrestling a greased monkey. So, we have ouchies due to our frenzied love for the garbage man! HA!

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Anonymous said...

Poor Caleb, that looks like a pretty big lump. He needs a kiss on this lump. Who would have thought that a garbage truck would call for a mad dash to the door. I imagine he enjoys seeing the kids too.
Grandma W