Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Coo Me, Peez!

Teaching my kids manners is always a treat---especially those meals they scream through! HA! Emma seems to really enjoy manners and routine right now. She's even getting into keeping her napkin on her lap and elbows off the table. Caleb, however, thinks all this attention makes for a great I'm sure you can tell by his hammy expression!
He very nicely says, "Tank Ooo" and "Uv Ooo"
--that's thank you and love you for those who don't speak toddlerese well.
We decided he was ready to say "Excuse me, please" instead of just demanding, "Down!" It amazes us how rotten he is about this...and there has been a lot of suppressed laughter around these parts. He goes through the whole gamut...his cutest smile, a sweet "tank ooo", a few "downs", and then finally...."A Coo Me, Peez!"

His sister is most helpful. She tells him to hold her hand for prayer, to close his eyes (he usually sits there grinning), "shhhhhh", and "Say, Amen Cawub!" So helpful!!!

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