Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tube Tuesday!

A while back I said I could sing all the words to Anne Murray's, "A Love Song." It is on our Easy Listening DVR station...and they play the same songs almost every day. I know I must have heard it growing up too. I usually grab a child (now they fight over this) and dance with them. I sing the words...and now Emma sort of sings along..."Iiii, gunna sings you a wuv song..." I was shocked to realize that many people didn't even know who Anne Murray was...so here is the song...

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techcat said...

Ok I must now admit my past and tell you that I took my mother to see her in concert and thought she did a great job. She was one of those artists I grew up with.
I do listen to her CD (yes I own one of her CDs) about once a week but still get very sad when I hear "You needed me". I had them play that song at Mom's funeral.