Friday, January 30, 2009

Family Friday...

This winter is the first time Emma has really enjoyed playing in the snow. Before, we'd bundle her all up, stick her in the snow...and she'd just stand there and cry. This year she trudged was great!!!
She thinks shoveling is super cool...but "hard work." Hopefully, she keeps that attitude and can be sent out to shovel the cool driveway when she's older!

Poor Caleb was sick and stayed inside with MomE! He has a never ending cold, I think.
They made a fort and threw snowballs at MomE as she took pictures from the slightly opened window. DadE was threatened severely about the consequences should he throw one into the house! HA...he missed!


Sarah Mae said...

How fun! I think I need to let my kids play in the snow today...its just been SO cold!

Shelley Fuge said...

Your kids are the cutest! :-) That blond hair is to die for. My mom had white white hair as a child. She still has beautiful blond hair that never needs to be color treated. I obviously did not get that from her. I'm 29 and already graying. I get it from my dad. :-( Have a great weekend!