Monday, January 19, 2009

A Different Monday...

Different--duet by Mollye Rees and Jamie Slocum

I have had the right
To stand and fight
But it would have still been wrong
I've had the chance to prove
A hurtful truth
I had to let it go and just move on

'Cause there's a gift called grace
That's captured my life
Though the way of the world
is power and pride.

I want to be different, Jesus
Just like You
I want to be tender with mercy
Guiding all I do
So when others talk about me
Let it be because
I am different
Let the difference be love

Let me have the kind
Of heart that shines
The light that shows You're real
And where hope is dim
And fear sets in
Will you use me Lord to help and heal

I don't want wealth or fame
To define the life I live
Oh let me be known
For what I give


Everyday is a chance to serve You
By caring for someone else
I will make the choice to surrender
And not live for myself


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