Friday, February 27, 2009

Why do you blog?

Authenticity has come up as an issue for me. I don't want to be superficial and fake. I hope I come across as honest. But at the same time, I may choose to leave out certain details because I want to protect people's confidentiality and I don't want to be a downer. One of the things I like about blogging is that it helps me focus on the positive aspects of my life. When I look back through my posts, I feel so blessed because I chose to write about the good things in my life instead of focusing on the negatives (and there are certainly things in my life that are in everyone's life!) I have tackled some deeper issues in a few posts, but a lot of the struggles I face are often relationship oriented (with certain people in my life). I don't feel comfortable blogging much about that.

Written words are very powerful. Once they're out there, you can't take them back.
So, you won't find me blogging about issues I might have with my extended family, for example, unless it's sharing a valuable lesson that I learned in retrospect. You're more likely to see a poem, or a video, during my times of trial. Know when you see those things...that I DO struggle...and pray for me.

There is a floating complaint that some blogs aren't authentic...that people put a happy, christian face on everything. There is also the floating issue of bloggers needing to be authenticated at every turn about everything (good, bad, sad, etc.) in their lives. Look at my track feed, where are my comments, tell me I'm wonderful...yada yada yada...

I have chosen two verses for the headers of my blogs. I do not promise to never change them...but I do realize and hope that they stand as a sort of purpose statement for those blogs.

My MomE and Loving It blog is for me to write about the good and wonderful...and the hard and horrible aspects of mothering. Psalm 127:3, "Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward," is a good verse to help me remember that no matter my grumps of the trials or joys...the bottom line is God's Word...and my children are a reward!!!

My Blogging Along just me...happy, sad, corny, crafty...etc. 2 Corinthians 5:9, "Therefore we also have as our ambition.... to be pleasing to the Lord," is a good verse to help me remember this isn't a competition with fellow bloggers, I'm not out to please men...but God, and whatever I post, the bottom line (again) should be God's Word...and remembering my real ambitions of life.

I love reading all types of blogs! Some are transparent, some are more "how to", some are on home decor, some on cooking/recipes, some on being a christian Mommy, some are on marriage. I find that some blogs I connect with and some I don't. I think we all have different purposes in blogging. Some people want community and friendship. Some people just want "creative ideas". Some people want a laugh! Some read blogs for their godly insights and some write about their faith! I guess blogs vary as deeply as we each do individually!

All that said, I totally understand that some people use their blogs to brag and toot their own horns! They use their blogs to make them feel better about their own lives and draw attention to themselves or become popular and well liked. But, I guess that happens in real life and in the blog realm! We are complicated, selfish and prideful people!

Writing this blog...even today when I'm deciding to post it...I find that I must reexamine my motives. In a flash you can find yourself back in Jr. High with hurt feelings cuz the popular bloggers aren't including you in their group. It hurts to know that you weren't responded to by a "big name blogger" and your friend was...You wonder why they are more interesting to befriend them than yourself....

but then again...

Why do I blog?...

If it is only about popularity and pats on the back I might as well quit now...

If it's something that helps me move forward in my quest to further God's kingdom...and it makes me happy...well, then a really good reason to write!

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