Saturday, May 23, 2009

Win some....Lose some...

It has become obvious that not all of my zany ideas are created equal. Some turn out this $10 (garage sale find) enamel topped dresser/sideboard, turned TV stand! I love it...spent way less than I had budgeted!

I even "repossessed" the old TV stand for a personal devotional area! Neato!
Then there are the zany ideas that don't go so, "Sure, I can cut sweet boy's hair myself." It was all going fine until he jumped and I zipped his hair so close he looked
"re donk u lous!" Now he looks like a little cancer patient and I feel slightly sick! His sister thinks it feels weird and says "Ewww" when feeling it!

Loverbrain says, "it looks like he's joining up early!" I said, "Yeah, but they have more hair!"
He was getting annoyed with the pictures...can ya tell!


Carmel said...

Oops... been there. I wasn't using clippers though. I was cutting Eddie's hair once and it kept getting shorter, and shorter... you get the picture. Well, he has that hair that once it is too short, it just sticks straight out. : ( I didn't have the guts to just shave it off, so we lived with that until it grew out enough to lay flat again.

Now I take him to Great Clips. I got pretty good at cutting his hair, but now he has issues sitting still long enough (I'm not nearly as fast as a professional), so I've given up.

Good luck if you try again... don't worry, it does grow back.... eventually. : )

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

I have cut the boys' hair, Robert's too, off and on over the course of the years. I don't do it anymore. It's easier just to go to Great Clips. We still have the cutting stuff though, I guess just in case.

But I never really put the super short cutting thing on either, so if they moved, I wouldn't have ended up losing quite that much hair. I think I might have used scissors on the top also. Hard to remember...I'm old and lose brain cells at an extremely rapid pace now.

If he weren't such a cute blondie, he'd look like he had more hair. It just doesn't show up very good. If you got him a really good sunburn, I bet the hair would show up better.

You know I'm just kidding.

And who knew you were repurposing when I was...funny!