Friday, January 14, 2011

My Twirly Girl and Truck-lovin' Boy!

Really, where is the fun in having a flowergirl dress if can't use it for dress up!?

Library day...ensures that while his sister twirls...Lubby will read TRUCK books in contented silence!


Anonymous said...

I want to squeeze them! Grandma D.

Joyce said...

I just love that picture of your girl spinning. When my girls were little they deemed dresses like this as 'spinning dresses.' So sweet!

Sandy said...

Hey, I wasn't sure the name of your blog and guessed--and was right! Your kids are getting so big! Lauryn (now 3) also likes "spinning dresses"! She wants to wear the same dress to church each week b/c it is a "spinning" dress. So cute. :) You probably don't know, but we've added #4. Evan Alistair was born August 14. You came to mind this week, and Ian mentioned you all this week. We had ramen noodles for lunch (a first ever I at home I think) and Ian said he had those that one time they were at your house. Such a memory!! Yet, he can't remember to pick up his room. Hhmmmmm. Hope you and your family are doing well!