Monday, January 10, 2011

Popsicles, Play-doh & Puzzles!

Oddly enough...when temperatures plunge into the single Sweet Boobahs have strong desires for POPSICLES and using the sprinkler and pool...OUTSIDE!  Yes, they keep asking...huh?

I guess it's sort of like grown-ups thinking a trip to the beach would be nice right about now!  HA!

So, instead...we made playdoh "cakes"...mmmm...yummy! 
They have these playdoh "frosting" extruders...and they call it "toothpaste"'s hilarious!
Emmer's really into cake toppers!  Hehehe!
Then...after we washed all the playdoh from our sticky fingers and helped MomE clean up the mess...we broke out the puzzles.  These are the easy ones...when we accelerated to the harder ones I put my camera I could concentrate.
I think they are better at puzzles than me!  It's a part of the brain I don't use much...
It's interesting to me...although Lubby wants to be doing everything she does...he's just not there developmentally.  He's finally found a way to be okay with this...It's what I call "the same, but different."  She jumped to the jigsaw puzzles...but he's much more comfortable with long as he's still doing puzzles too!  

The same, but different!

PS...In case you notice the kids wearing the same clothes day after day...I do wash their clothes but am trying to cut back on washing what's not dirty...especially with rapid clothes changers (ahem, Emma)'s what's going on.  I don't live to do laundry...and washing clean clothes is annoying.

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Janette@Janette's Sage said...

How precious...we have been doing a lot of play dough also...and some moon sand, it is fun, but your kitchen floor than feels like the beach