Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday FIZZ!!!

The ingredients!
Prep work!
Add a weensy bit of water to make spoons more mold-able.
All set up...with a stool on each to wake the Sweet Boobahs from their naps, er quiet time.
We all understand the directions and are ready to make FIZZ!
Emma: "Sniff, stinks like pickles!"
Our first FIZZING reaction!
Caleb: "COOL!"
Emma: "This purple matches my shirt...perfectly!"
Color mixing at the end is half the fun you know!  I love the raised pinky!
Happy boy...making mud colors!


heather said...

too cute :) Emma, you are wearing one of my favorite colors

Pastor D said...

I love my sweet grand boohbas... And my daughter who takes such good care of them...