Wednesday, June 20, 2012

STAYcation: The Zoo

We had a great time!  The kids wore their zoo did DadE...MomE...stayed cool!!
The flamingos changed locations.  This made them a lot more interesting...because they were closer.
I always think about what a detailed Creator we have.  He even did amazing thing with the under sides of birds...and their tongues are so interesting!  WOW!!
Emma visited her favorite animal!  Who then got scared by the water sprinkler changing direction and ran all the way back to his gate!  HAHA!
Does anyone know what this purple bush is called??  They are SOOO cool!!
DadE and Sweet Boobahs jumping on the Rhino bridge!!  Hilarious!
The little baby elephant was out with her momE....SO cute!

This elephant always makes me think of Stevie Wonder...swaying to the music!!
They put the warthog and the porcupines together now...That poor warthog just gets chased around!!
Since I always say we can't go on the train unless DadE is with us....
...we went on the train!
This lizard...well...I think he might have eaten another lizard or a bird...I think he's full!
The orchid hothouse was gorgeous as ever!!
I want to make on of these...I wonder how you water them?
I visited my favorite sunken herb garden...Someday my Loverbrains is going to make me one!!
We checked out the fountains!  WOoo...spitting frogs!
This one is neat...barely any water...just covers the whole surface! NEATO!!


Pam Lofton said...

Looks like everyone had a total blast! Especially on the train. :)

Pastor D said...

That lizard by the cactus is a gila monster. He's poisonous!

Looks like a great time at the zoo!