Friday, June 8, 2012

Frugal Friday: Bean Bags!!

Today, the kids were chiming for something fun to do...and I wanted time by myself to sew. So, as my brain scrambled for something to occupy them...I looked at my stash and gave them some scraps to choose from.
During their quiet time...I quickly zipped together 5 inch squares (4 for each kid = 2 bean bags each)
I make sure all corners are sewn...for strength purposes...then turned them right side out.
I pressed them...and woke the Sweet Boobahs for their funtime.  (In this meantime, I also hemmed my bridesmaid dress (and lining) and put two rows of a quilt top together.  Woot woot!)
This is what you'll need for the next step.  Yes, iced coffee is a must!
Turns out my funnel is too narrow, a folded index card stood in nicely!
Beans, beans everywhere!
Top stitched around the edges...being careful not to hit any beans!  Presto...bean toss!
A happy boobette!
A happy boobatte!

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heather said...

awww how cute. Looking forward to seeing you and your family at Jess's wedding.