Thursday, February 19, 2009

Baby Magic

As I wake up in the morning
To begin another day,
A glance into my baby's crib
Melts the tiredness away.

For two eyes are peering at me
Through the bars around the bed!
And a wide and oh-so-happy grin
On baby's face is spread!

Two little arms are waiting
And a kiss is waiting too;
And what can match the charm of this-
To hear him laugh and coo!

My life is much the brighter
And cares are put away
When the magic of my baby's smile
Brings joy to start my day.

Such are the rewards of parenthood;
These blessings we can claim,
And with each precious little one
We enjoy them o'er again.

by Doris Gerrard Aardsma
The author is my Great Aunt--and has written many poems that she's shared with us at various times regarding marriage, children ,etc. A real blessing!

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Anonymous said...

A wonderful poem and so true.