Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good Morning...finally!

Finally, I'm feeling like me again. I'm not even currently on drugs...hahahaha! Don't get excited...I know that after my "bong boy" comment of yesterday some of you might wonder. Incidentally, I don't know much on that topic...just figured he looked sort of like the caterpillar on Alice in Wonderland...smoke clouds billowing around his head. Oooo...what a creative way to teach him his letters! As to my aforementioned drugs, I assure you it was only decongestant, Tylenol and antibiotics...with the occasional vitamin C! I've had this little pic saved to share....when I'd had a good morning and wanted to share it with ya'll! I have clean floors ya'll....oooooooooooo the wonderful smoothness...gone is the sticky! Caleb is still clingy and sickly but his fever is lower and his cough looser. Now that I'm feeling better I feel like we'll make it through. Thanks for your continued prayers!

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