Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tube Tuesday--O Magnum Mysterium...

I'm trying to select things that let you into my MomE world. As I'm sure you are noticing my musical taste is highly eclectic. This one is so beautiful...it gives me goosebumps. Sometimes...when the kids are sleepy or sick...we slow dance about to such songs.


O mágnum mystérium,

et admirábile sacraméntum,

ut animália vidérent Dóminum nátum,

jacéntem in præsépio:

O beáta Vírgo,

cújus víscera meruérunt portáre

Dóminum Jésum Chrístum. Allelúia.

O great mystery,

and wondrous sacrament,

that animals might see the birth of the Lord

as he lay in the manger.

O Blessed Virgin,

Who wast worthy of bearing

our Lord Jesus Christ, Alleluia.

I know, I know...not a sacrament...BUT it wouldn't hurt us to think about Mary being worthy to bear Christ without getting freaked out that we're becoming Catholic-ish. I would have liked to know her! She was blessed among women.

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Prodigal Daughter said...

Thanks for this post. My husband and I returned to the Catholic church after many years as Evangelical Christians. I've really become an admirer of Mary since that time.