Monday, June 22, 2009


Our church is having VBS this week. As you can see, the theme is Polar Extremes. This always cracks me up in the major heat of summer! Before AC I'm sure this was really really funny! The church looks awesome. The foyer is decked out to look like a ski lodge...The puppet stage is an igloo...and the one side wall has sheets stretched across to look like ski slopes with little people skiing, etc. The Plunging Purple Penguins and The Blazing Blue Blizzards are giddily earning points with verses, visitors, bibles, etc.

Technically, my kids are too little for VBS...but because I'm a helper in 2-3 grades...they get to go! Emmy loves the puppets! She made a little caribou today...She only colored his nostrils...go figure? The little man was zonked after playing in the nursery...he was barely keeping his eyes open when we got home! It's going to be an EXTREMELY long week!

AND... prove why I'm EXTREMELY CRAZY....

...we're headed out on vacation Saturday morning for two weeks. We'd like to be on the road by 3 all laundry, cleaning, packing, etc. must be done in the evenings.

But God is good...and I was pleased to see this VBS runs super smoothly...phew! Hopefully, God will show Himself EXTREMELY in the lives of these kids and teachers. The theme couldn't be more appropriate....

...ALL of me, ALL-out for God!

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