Monday, June 8, 2009

MomE Moments...WHY?

My sweet girl is seriously into WHY? I know, it is probably the question that has plagued mothers for generations.

WHY is it so irritating?

Well, maybe because it is so persistent and continuous and whiny.

Yes, but WHY?

Well, it is likely that they continue asking in the hopes of obtaining an answer they find more pleasing.

But, but WHY?

Well, because they're three...and curious, and bright...and no ones' dummy. Yes, and mischievous...Maybe they even like seeing if your eyes will bug out...and your face turns red...

Why am I having such a MomE Moment on this point?

Okay, don't get me wrong...I know there comes a time where the answer is...

"because I told you so, that's why."

..but I'm trying to survive this summer without undo amounts of angry outbursts.

I did ask for these children...and they are my reward...a gift from God.

I don't want to just be exasperated...and give no answers at all except the demand of obedience. I'm going to attempt to have it both answer and require obedience. It will take more time...and definitely more patience but...well, I prayed for it and God gave me children! HA HA HA!

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Leila said...

If I said why too many times, my dad would start singing a song (in Arabic) that went on and on and basically said, "because that's how it is...because that's how it is..." -- happy, but definitely not "going there" any more with me!!

Something about a parent singing makes the kids run the other way :)