Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Uncle CJ stops in for a visit!

My Uncle CJ stopped in for a visit yesterday afternoon. He and his family live in GA...and he's only in town for a convention. Thankfully, he made a bit of time to stop in a say hello! It was a business trip...and he had to "put out minor fires" on his phone. The kids didn't seem to mind on bit! He's always been great with kids. I remember many good times as a little girl with my Uncle CJ! My Mom has some cute pics of us hanging out together when I was little.

It occurred to me after he left that he is actually their GREAT Uncle...hehehe... Of course, now my brother will be asking, "Wait, aren't all uncles great?" HA! He was about 13 when my parents got I'm guessing there's like 14 years between us...that is similar to the split between my Emmy and her Uncle Dave.
Great Uncle CJ taught her how to thumb wrestle. This is very cool...and we've been doing it ever since. She tries to get her brother to do it...but he just laughs at her and runs! She screeches, "I want your thumb...I want your thumb!"

He also sang several choruses of "Oh, I wish I was a little...." with the kids. I wish I'd gotten a pic of Sweet Boy's face...cuz he loved it! For those not familiar....
"Oh, I wish I was a little speedy car.
Oh, I wish I was a little speedy car.
I'd go speedy, speedy, speedy...over everybody's feeties.
Oh, I wish I was a little speedy car."
There are many verses...Oh, I wish I was a little bar of soap (my favorite)...a little can of coke...etc.
The final verse is,
"Oh, I wish I was a little radio.
Oh, I wish I was a little radio...
I'd go CLICK."
I have a feeling it will soon be my favorite verse!
I'm glad he stopped by. He had a business dinner at St. Elmo's...with big steaks! Woohoo! We told him he was welcome to stay...we were having sloppy joe calzone's...hahaha! He couldn't stay...but I'm sure glad he stopped by!

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